Trick or Treats

Happy Halloween from SLPCBG!

Now this is our idea of Halloween candy: jewel-like confections handmade by Ruth Kendrick of Ogden’s Chocolot Artisan Confections. These pretty morsels taste as lovely as they look—some of our favorite flavors include molten caramel, beehive honey, fleur de sel caramel, espresso lavender, and Canadian maple.

Press play to see the chocolates in action!


Feast your eyes on more yummy local treats and sweets in our “Les Petits Sucres” desserts feature from the current issue of the magazine. Happy Halloween!

Photography/Video: Derek Israelsen Photography
Prop Styling: Saucy & Kitsch
Art Direction: Adriana Garcia and Angelica Domingo
Editor: Tessa Woolf

Featured in the Summer/Fall 2016 issue of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom magazine