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Saying Hello: A Word from The Editor

A quick introduction from the new editor of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom

Hello bridal world,

I’m delighted to introduce myself as your new editor at Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom. Tessa Woolf, my predecessor, did an amazing job, and I intend to continue her legacy while still molding our magazine to make it truly yours.

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We create, write and photograph our pages for you. So I want to hear from you. The bride/groom-to-be who wants inspiration planning for the big day. The wedding vendor who designs magical, beautiful scenes in our nature-filled-jaw-dropping-scenic state. The reader who’s been dreaming of their wedding day since they were a small child. Whether you’re planning a huge wedding, eloping, you’re a vendor, or you’re not even engaged yet, Salt Lake/Park City is all about you. Tell me what you love about Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom and tell me what you don’t love as much. I’m all ears.

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Personally, I know the joy and stress involved with planning a wedding. I did the DIY, take every responsibility known to man, wedding. I thought I had it all figured out, until the great flood of Estes Park, Colorado happened. Yes, my wedding venue FLOODED, act of God, flooded. I locked down a venue, minister and caterer in one week’s time. Although I didn’t have my get-married-on-top-of-a-mountain moment, I did have a gorgeous venue and my ever so patient husband-to-be by my side.A bride and groom walking down the aisle.

Natural disaster or not, hopefully the latter, I’m here to give you suggestions and ideas you didn’t know you had. As your editor, I wish to inspire you, but also remind you that it’s all about love. The more love we put out in the world the better, and that’s our mission here at Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom.

Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your monumental day. Please comment or send me an email:

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Photos by: Lauren Wester