Photo: Kathryn Bruns

Key to Happiness

Married for 32 years, Bob and Krista Dunn share their secret.

“I see this white Mercury Capri car coming up the driveway and a pretty blonde girl. The first time I saw her, I fell in love. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to camp in the snow (he says with a laugh), but I just thought ‘wow that girl is special,’” Bob Dunn recalls. The start of their love story wasn’t what you would call planned. It was October of 1983 and a terrible snowstorm hit Park City. Bob was stranded with his camping course classmates after class was cancelled. A classmate quickly reacted and offered her cabin in Park City so no one would have to go home. The only problem was she didn’t have the key. That’s where Krista Dunn came into the story. Krista drove to Park City to drop off the key for her friend’s cabin. The transaction totaled about two minutes, but those two minutes were all Bob needed.

Bob and Krista eventually ended up with the same group of friends. With two wonderful years of friendship filled with trips to Disney World and Hawaii, the two of them knew they were meant for more, so they decided to date. After just two weeks, Bob proposed on a whim. Sitting on a couch, talking and watching a football game (that Bob’s dad was writing for), Bob got down on one knee without a ring and without a plan. “It was 3 a.m. and I thought, where’s this going? It was a surprise thing for the both of us. We talked about our future, and I just rolled over and got down on one knee,” Bob says. They’ve now been married for over 32 years and have two beautiful children.

K: Marrying your best friend
B: Trust. Krista just trusted me from day one.

K: If it’s worth getting married, then it’s worth working things out. I see all these couples we’ve known through the years, and if something’s not working with them, they give up. If it’s worth spending my life with you, then it’s worth working through and compromising.
B: You’ll have ups and downs, like you do in life and any relationship. Just hold on tighter to each other and work through it.

K: I always have my best friend with me, so I’m never bored, and I’m always comfortable because we just expect each other to be who we are.
B: Warm feelings I get whenever something reminds me of a good memory with Krista.

Be able to laugh with each other, don’t let the little things get to you, and talk about everything.